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    VetSoc Annual Pub Run

    • 01 Mar 2017 to 01 Mar 2017
    • UCD School of Veterinary Medicine
    • UCD VetSoc

    Event Description

    Think ye are the biggest session motts in the vet building?? Now is your chance to nab the official title at the Annual Vet Pub Run! Athletes throughout the vet college have been training tirelessly for this, the highlight of the session season! This is a fiercely competitive event with many competitors reaching peak fitness post Vet Ball. So choose your team mates wisely, get a costume together and get ready for what is one of the most fun, unmemorable and messy nights of the year! As everyone's inner competitive streak tends to come out, here are the rules: The Rules: 1. Fancy Dress is COMPULSORY- there will be prizes on the night for the best dressed and named team. 2.Teams are of 3 or 4 people, but regardless, EVERY member of the team must drink a can/pint at each stop. 3.Every team must have a girl- cause girls rule! 4.Every member of each team MUST FINISH their can/pint before moving on. 5. At the pub stops, one member of the team must be nominated to down a shot. Registration will take place in the Vet Foyer at 7pm on Wednesday 1st March. Teams will then depart at 5 minute intervals, with their time of departure marked by stewards. There will be clues leading to each location on the night. Stewarts will be on hand at each stop to make sure no cheating takes place, and time penalties will be added on to any team caught red handed. We do realise that the last month has been costly, and therefore, to minimise the cost to contestants, we will collect a €5 entry fee which will be donated to charity - Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland. This will also cover the cans at a number of the stops, in each of the Pub stops contestants must purchase a pint each with one member being nominated to down a shot, which must be finished before progressing to the next location. The maximum cost we estimate of the pub stops is €13, this is very reasonable. €18 and your night is sorted! So, let the games begin- May the odds be ever in your favour!