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    • 11 Apr 2018 to 12 Apr 2018
    • UCD Student Centre,Caf? Brava
    • UCD Game Society

    Event Description

    We'll be hosting a whole 24 hours worth of non-stop gaming for Relay for Life! Think of it as an extended coffee morning but with some special events added to the mix, including our "Challenge the 10" event, where you can put your skills to the test by defeating us at a game of our choice! 
    First person to beat us all, or the person to beat the most of us by the end of the event will win a prize!
    These are our challenges:
    Nathan, Auditor: Get a game over screen in 2048 with a score of zero/Ricochet Robots
    Podge, Secretary: Star Realms
    Connor, Treasurer: Space Hulk/Proxied Vintage MTG
    Ben, RPGs Officer: Pokémon Showdown
    Anthony, Events Officer: Tekken 7
    Aoife, Videogames Officer: Love Letter
    Titch, Wargames Officer: Warhammer Trivia/White Ball Pick a Pocket
    Rebecca, Boardgames Officer: Timelines (History)
    Peadar, Card Games Officer: Oblivion - Beat his time to reach Jauffre at Weynon Priory (9 Minutes 19 seconds)
    Seán, Public Relations Officer: Persona 4: Dancing all Night/ Endless Lake
    You have until the end of the 24 hour event to beat us all!