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    Weeb Wednesday: Romance Edition

    UCD Japanese Society
    • 17 Feb 2021, 08:00 pm to 17 Feb 2021

    Event Description

    Attention all Weebs! The time has come, the return of Weeb Wednesday! This week shall be romantically themed to add a bit of romance to your lives at this time of year, as lets be honest this will be the only romance that you will probably be experiencing for a while if you are attending this event! We all love a good romance anime from time to time, or if you are truly cultured perhaps a good harem anime! Join us this Wednesday yet again bring your your fanciest suit, tie and anime intellectual glasses and get your spiciest hot takes ready for the ultimate anime debate of the month and have fun! Some of the topics on the agenda will be: favourite romance anime trope, favourite anime couple/ship (the more controversial the better (MHA is banned)) and best harem protagonist! Note: There will be NO discussion regarding Attack on Titan.