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    Week 12 – Livingstones Christian Society

    • 25 Apr 2019
    • St. Stephens Chaplaincy
    • Livingstones Christian Society

    Event Description

    Hope you all had a restoring and blessed Easter weekend! Unfortunately, this is Week 12 and we'll be having our last event of the year!:( Words cannot express how blessed we have been this year to have met such a Jesus loving warmhearted bunch!!! But before I get wrapped up in goodbyes just a reminder that we'll still be meeting this Thursday! For our last event we'll meet to have a bit of a reflection session just to look back at all the old photos and laugh about the good 'oul days. We want to lift up praises and thanksgiving to God because He has held this society together and taken us this far. We also want to commit our exams and the coming year into His hands. We can't wait to see you all!