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    Weekly Fellowship // UCD Livingstones Christian Society

    • 23 Feb 2017 to 23 Feb 2017
    • UCD St. Stephen's Chaplaincy
    • UCD Livingstones Society

    Event Description

    We're in our 5th week of lectures already, how are all of you doing?

    Just a short sharing to encourage all of you who are struggling through this semester, whether in your studies, responsibilities or your walk with Christ. Many times, when I find myself drowning in the sound of the world, I'm reminded of what I learnt from a Christian conference I attended last year:
    "Life is a gift, the responsibilities you're holding on, the people around you, they're all gifts. As humans, we tend to focus so much on worldly gifts that we forget who the ultimate giver is. God is the Giver of life, and everything in this world comes from Him"
    It's normal for us to face challenges in our lives, but be reminded of the One who gives you all things, the One who holds your hand when you fall - our saviour Jesus Christ. :)
    Here's also a small encouragement for our brothers and sisters who are working hard for the upcoming Malay sian Night, God's strength be upon you and may He bless you for all the effort you're putting in to make this event a success :D
    Now, let's look at our announcements for the week:
    1) Weekly Meeting
    This week, we'll have our brother Joel share with us on 1 Peter 4:1-11. Come, invite your friends, and let us all be blessed by the word of God!