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    • 19 Sep 2016 to 19 Sep 2016
    • UCD Student Centre

    Event Description

    (Also known as Mafia or Werewolf) Litsoc presents a story of deception and cunning, of false accusations and misguided revenge, of one village’s quest for justice! Wolf is a game that pits the forces of light against the forces of darkness. The players in a game of Wolf are residents of a small village which is being terrorized by werewolves. During the night, the Werewolves roam about the village, selecting a Villager as their victim. During the day, the Villagers gather together, seeking justice, and vote to convict one of their number of secretly being a Werewolf. If you are a Werewolf, your goal is to kill off all the Villagers in the game. If you are a Villager, your goal is to kill off the Werewolf before they kill you. Meeting point: Old Student Centre! Check it out on Facebook here: