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    Film Society

    We Watch Films, We Make Films…

    UCD Film and Video Society is one of the more popular and active societies currently on campus. We have a wide range of events on every week from our regular themed screenings to our Photography Club, we here at Filmsoc have something for everyone!

    Our biggest and most regular events are our screenings! Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM you can join us at the UCD Cinema to catch our regular, weekly themed screenings with free popcorn. We show everything from blockbusters to classics, from Captain America to Casablanca, with our themes varying from films with incredible soundtracks to certain genres of film. So come by, chill out and hang out with us while we watch some great films.

    Alternatively, if you just love film and want to make friends over some coffee, our coffee mornings on Thursdays at 10-12pm hosted by our ENTs team, Robyn and Elliott, are the spot for that. We also serve biscuits so if you’re feeling peckish, grab two or so and you can talk film with members and committee members!

    Our bigger events throughout the year consist of our Film Festival, at which we showcase member’s work and beautiful shots done by our resident Photography Club, the Gala, our semi-formal night out where we get dressed up (or not!) and have a boogie, and our overnight marathon, where we watch a series of films or just a franchise and have a good, chill time.

    We have a number of film making workshops, from scriptwriting to acting to cinematography, taking place throughout the year to encourage our members to develop their skills and pursue their film making interest. We’re here to help you get your short film made, so get in contact with us to get it rolling!

    Check out our socials for more information on our events and what else we’re getting up to. We look forward to seeing you there!