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    Musical Society Presents: The Tony Awards

    Fellas suit up, ladies get your gúnas out and dress to impress as we pull out all the stops for one hell of a night!

    We will be kicking the event off at 7.30 pm outside the Fitzgerald Chamber for a wine reception, followed by the Tony Awards ceremony itself. But don’t be worrying my loves, the night won’t end there, we have an area of the student bar booked out where we shall reside before heading into Lily’s Bordello on Grafton Street ON A PARTY BUS (party bus details to follow).

    So what are the Tonys exactly? Well, a UCD Tony award recognizes brilliance throughout the Musical Soc year (and then some crowd over in America copied us). You can win a Tony for a fantastic performance onstage or a hilarious episode offstage, the sky is the limit! The Tony Awards are considered one of the biggest honours Musical Soc can bestow on you, so basically they’re a pretty big deal. After such a successful session, it seems completely necessary that we honour the talented members who made the session what it was.