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    Nutrition Society Couch to 5k

    The Couch to 5k is an initiative with a simple goal:  Get as many people moving as possible!   

    We meet up every Tuesday and do a slowly progressive jog and walk which alternates every few minutes. This moves on to a jog and run and progressively gets harder every week. Ellen, our NutSoc secretary will lead the charge at 5pm every Tuesday and the duration will be around 30 minutes.

    Everyone is invited to come along, even if you’ve never run before! There will be a bit of jogging homework every week, with this you won’t believe how fast you’ll see improvement. Our dream is to have all of our weekly Couch to 5kers running the UCD 5k on the 9th April without stopping to walk!

    If you feel like a run around and a bit of chat, we’ll be meeting outside the student centre every Tuesday at 5pm for the next 9 weeks. See you there 🙂