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    Philosophy Society

    The Philosophy Society of University College Dublin (UCD Philsoc) was founded in 1965. The purpose of the society is to encourage the learning, thinking and discussion of philosophical ideas; and to act as a social forum of exchange for those interested in philosophical or intellectual matters.

    Guest speakers

    The Philosophy Society regularly invites notable speakers to deliver individual addresses to the Society. In recent years these speakers have included include Robert Fisk,] Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental, Norman Finkelstein,  Professor Richard Swinburne and Professor Noam Chomsky.

    Academics are frequently invited in to discuss their area of research.

    Debates and Dialogues

    The society frequently hosts public debates in which both topical issues and age-old philosophical questions are discussed. Speakers in the debates consist of both UCD students and leading academics.

    One of the highest profile events in recent years was when the society hosted a debate on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict with the Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland: Ahmad Abdelrazek and Israeli Ambassador to Ireland: Boaz Modai that attracted widespread media coverage.

    Upcoming Events

    <Three events, my oh my!>


    Go head to head with future friends and test your philosophical mettle! Warning: laughs will be had and heads will likely be muddled

    -‘Philosophy Pub Quiz’, 6pm, Pav 6. –


    Join us this Thursday for the first in our series of ‘Spicy Debates’. The aim of the game? Simple, develop a convincing argument while eating increasingly spicy food. Just remember, don’t be a hothead!

    -PhilSoc ‘Spicy Debate’, 8pm, the Red Room-


    Speedfriending with UCDPhilSoc. What more needs to be said? We’re giving you an opportunity to discuss anything and everything from the international differences in toast making to the significance of canals. Why not drop by?

    – PhilSoc Speedfriending, location and time to be confirmed-

    Have a suggestion or question? Drop us an email.

    N.B: Our events are open to all, no required readings for this week’s events (any future events drawing from a reading will be given in advance of the event for those interested). Be there or be square 🙂


    ‘Mystery reading’, 19:00, G108

    The arrival of Spooktober is at the fore for this week as we delve into mystery, fishing out meaning and interesting ideas that stick with us


    LawSoc xPhilSoc, ‘This House Believes Ignorance is Bliss’, 18:30, Fitzgerald Chamber

    LawSoc x PhilSoc collaborative debate where we discuss whether or not ignorance is bliss. Watch as two members of the committee take to the floor: our Auditor, Darragh, and our Head Speakers Convener, Kat. You have been warned LawSoc!


    ‘Ice Cream Afternoon w/ LitSoc’, 2pm, Pav.4

    Join us on an afternoon filled with ice cream as we discuss everything and anything with the members of the English and Literary society (LitSoc). Event runs from 14:00-15:30 in two 45 minute slots, those interested can book via our linktree.


    Hush hush, it’s a surprise-keep your ears about you!

    Everything is fine. Act natural. Come on now, be convincing!

    Come along with PhilSoc as we discuss things conspiratorial and counterculture.


    Monday: Mystery Film Screening

    Surprise screening centering around the theme of ‘conspiracy’. Come along and have a laugh with a hearty discussion of the films topics post screening.

    Meeting 7pm outside the James Joyce library

    Wednesday: Orators Competition

    Bring your best voice and put all your rhetoric on the table with this event. Points going for creativity, good philosophical arguments and overall style. Come on down, we’ll lend an ear to the wackiest of ‘uncoverings’.

    6pm, Theatre M, Newman Building

    Thursday: Coffee Bunker w/ Tinfoil hat competition

    Make tinfoil hats to stave off those pesky listeners-in (by sheer metallic scrunching alone) while discussing such things as one’s go-to apocalypse meal, bushcraft and uncanny instances of deja vu over bitter, bitter coffee. It’ll be super fun!

    Room yet to be clarified. Will be updated ASAP

    We’re well into spooky season now, lovelies, that means fiction, escapism and daring doom!

    This week will have a variety of dialogues, readings and maybe even a screening (ooh la la)!


    ‘Mystery Reading: Surprise Science Fiction’, 7 pm, Theatre O

    Mystery readings followed by an open floor discussion of the texts and whatever goes beyond that!


    OGM: Join the Committee, 6 pm

    Stick your head in and see what the committee is like. You are welcome to vie for any of the advertised committee positions that strike your fancy! Best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favour.



    Film Screening w/ SciFi+FantasySoc

    ‘Invader Zim-Enter the Florpus’, 5 pm, UCD Cinema

    We’ve managed to bundle ourselves in on SciFi and Fantasy Soc’s great plans. It looks as though it’ll be great fun. Numbers are limited, register your interest in advance via the form on our Linktree.



    ‘Choose your own Adventure-er: build a character’, 6 pm

    This Thursday we’ll be taking a look at the sociological aspects that inform a sci-fi character’s design. Attendees will have to consider such things as religion, technology, illness, climate, class and humanity when designing their characters. We’d love to have everyone share their designs and talk out their ideas about why subject X affects their character in the way that it does. Points going for best design, strangest character and most cohesive idea-to-design. All are welcome, get your creativity a going!

    *note: please bring a set of colouring pencils*


    Hello! This week PhilSoc will be hosting the first of our weeks dedicated to finance and the philosophical questions that surround it – touching on value, distribution and deprivation as we go along. The particular subject at hand is ‘Cryptocurrency’, so suit up and buckle in!




    PhilSoc discusses…
    ‘The basics of crypto’

    Are you looking for an opportunity to become crypto-literate after having been flummoxed by blockchain? Then this event is for you. The logical philosophers out there may find some exciting forms of reasoning displayed in an entirely new medium. Come along and sate your curiosity!
    Time: 18:30, meeting first outside the entrance to the James Joyce library



    PhilSoc debates…
    ‘the pros and cons of a decentralised currency’

    This is sure to be a stimulating and highly informative debate! Be sure to register your interest. We’ll be hosting some very high profile speakers! In addition, our sponsors at Gigabyte Investment will be in attendance adding to the argument.
    Details: TBA

    Additional Events:

    Hello soon to be graduates, early birds and philosophy minded people! This week we will be hosting a LinkedIn for Beginners event for anyone to come along to. Details are TBA, if interested please note your interest in this week’s events form.


    This week PhilSoc will be holding a wide array of events relating to the subject of ‘Modern Economics’. Several collaborations will be held along with the promise of pizza and wedges!


    it’s a double bill, lovelies!


    NetSoc X PhilSoc Black Mirror screening


    location: Blue room, the Student Centre


    PhilSoc discusses…

    ‘Keynes and the Treaty of Versailles’

    time: 7pm-8:30pm

    location: A105, the Newman Building



    Ultimate Capitalism Monopoly

    time: 5pm-8pm

    location: F101, the Newman Building



    Coffee Morning LinkedIn info session with ArtsSoc

    time: 10:30 am-12:00 noon

    location: Meeting Room 5, the Student Centre


    We’re looking forward to seeing you there! Have a suggestion for an upcoming event? Then give us a shout!


    the UCD Philosophy Society

    We’re fundrasing this week and celebrating all things important to you. Let us know what you’d like to see from us.




    PhilSoc and UCDSVP discuss…
    the philosophy of volunteering and charity engagement

    Location: A105, the Newman Building




    *Virtual Event*
    Announcement of PhilSoc’s chosen charity
    (Looking forward to this!).
    zoom link to be made available on our linktree shortly.




    Intro. to fundraiser event competition with UCD World Aid Soc and UCDSVP
    We’ll go over guidelines,allocation of starter packs and general discussion with UCD World Aid Soc and UCDSVP. This serves as a lovely opportunity to ask whatever questions you may have relating to this fundraiser, give suggestions and even inquire on two societies you may have missed at the start of this year.
    Location TBA

    This week we’re taking it a bit slower. We’ll be hosting another round of spicy debates for people to take part in and get some grub and a coffee morning filled with festive treats to pour your troubles over. So take it easy, you’ll pull through. If you’re in need of a friendly face and a moment to decompress why not consider dropping by.



    Spicy Speed Debate

    6 pm, G109 in the Newman Building



    Festive Coffee Morning

    10:30 am, Location TBA

    Be sure to keep an eye on the UCD events calendar as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages to see regular updates of our events!

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