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    Philosophy Society

    The Philosophy Society of University College Dublin (UCD Philsoc) was founded in 1965. The purpose of the society is to encourage the learning, thinking and discussion of philosophical ideas; and to act as a social forum of exchange for those interested in philosophical or intellectual matters.

    Guest speakers

    The Philosophy Society regularly invites notable speakers to deliver individual addresses to the Society. In recent years these speakers have included include Robert Fisk,] Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental, Norman Finkelstein,  Professor Richard Swinburne and Professor Noam Chomsky.

    Academics are frequently invited in to discuss their area of research.

    Debates and Dialogues

    The society frequently hosts public debates in which both topical issues and age-old philosophical questions are discussed. Speakers in the debates consist of both UCD students and leading academics.

    One of the highest profile events in recent years was when the society hosted a debate on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict with the Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland: Ahmad Abdelrazek and Israeli Ambassador to Ireland: Boaz Modai that attracted widespread media coverage.

    Upcoming Events


    This event is split up into two sections. in the first we will introduce attendees  to the new society and outline our vision and aims for the 2022 / 2023 academic year as well as answer any questions that participants have. the two most notable is we would like to do philosophy through fiction as much as possible and also attempt to bring in merch for the society!

    part two of this event is a reading of the short story “the nightingale and the rose” by Oscar Wilde.  come along to the Newman building at 6pm. meat up is outside the blue bird café where we will then go to the allocated room.



    Come along Wednesday the 14th for this social event and meat some of the members of the committee for the 2022 academic year. we will be serving tea and coffee at this event along with some cookies and biscuits. This is a chance for members to voice what they want from us this year and even suggest events you would like to see! meat up us at 6pm outside the Newman building. If you’d rather meet us inside, the event will be held in room J109.


    for our final event of the first week back we’re having a mystery screening. science fiction+ philosophy makes for some great entertainment and discussion afterwards! best part, this is a collab with our good friends over at netsoc. we will also be ordering pizza for this event. just like the other two events meat up point will be outside the Newman building at 6pm and then to room G108.

    Monday: Gobline

    Seeing as this week’s theme is Pop Philosophy, it’s only natural that we’re once again hosting one of last year’s most popular events: Gobline!

    Gobline is a live show with special guests and unique perspectives hosted by a Goblin. They’re one of our sponsors and an absolute hoot! You don’t want to miss it.
    Time and Location: 6:30 pm, meet in Ag Block room 06.

    Tuesday: Speed Friending

    The Literary and Historical Society, German Society, Food Society, Psychological Society, Economics Society, and Philosophy Society are all teaming up for a speed friending event. It will be a great opportunity to check out several societies at once and also to make some new friends. To sweeten the deal, alcohol will also be provided.

    Time and Location: 3 pm, Brava Lounge / Old Student Union Centre.

    Wednesday: Housing Crisis

    We’re collaborating with the World Aid Society for an event in which we discuss a topic relevant to all students: the present housing crisis. It will begin with a presentation by Phil Soc examining housing and the concept of the ‘home’ from a philosophical point of view. This will lead to a more sociologically-oriented section in which facts and figures are presented.

    Time and Location: 6:30pm-8:30pm, Newman J109.

    Thursday: Popular Philosophy Quiz

    This will be fun. It will serve both as a short introduction to philosophical thought as well an in-depth look into philosophical memes. It’s a quiz with philosophy-inspired questions! Come by and discover the objective answer to the trolley problem.

    Time and Location: 7 pm, Newman Theatre L.

    Friday: Philosophy of + through images

    Every day we’re bombarded by images and so it’s really no surprise that philosophers have had a lot to say about it. We do, and we hope you do too. We will deliver a short presentation that will outline several takes on the problem of images. Our hope is that it will inspire discussion and an exchange of ideas.

    Time and Location: 2:30-3:30, Student Centre Blue Room.



    join us for a reading on the philosophy of fiction on Monday the 26th at 6pm in the student center. we will be waiting in the red room. after the reading we will all engage in discussion and you will have a chance to give your input. also we will be ordering pizza to enjoy while we discuss fiction.


    Movies are some of the most complex and varied forms of literature around so this week we have decided to hold a mystery screening. come along to this movie night after your lectures.

    student center, Blue Room on 28th September 2022 at 20:00 until 22:00

    Friday: creative writing

    During this interactive event we give philosophical writing prompts such as “what are our limitations as a species” or “is it better to be fair or loyal?” and participants are encouraged to write a piece of fiction with these prompts. towards the end we encourage as as many of you to show and talk about you work and we’ll also give everyone a chance to go around the room and discuss their writing.

    student center, (Red Room) on 30th September 2022 at 18:30 until 20:30


    not with the theme of the week I know but on Monday of this week we have our iconic spicy debate back in action again. in these debates the speakers eat a crisp that has a powerful hot sauce on it and attempt to beat their opponent in this fight of words.

    before the spicy debate however, we will be holding our ogm, which gives members a chance to run for positions on the committee. we have man positions open including treasurer,  and freshers representative. members will vote on candidates, but most likely anyone who applies will be given a job. come to this event and try your hand at a position on our committee. or just enjoy the spicy debate we will hold afterwards.

    student center, red room, 6pm, hope to see you there!



    on Wednesday we’re holding an event all about the philosophies of Julia Kristeva and her comments on the human condition. this will include some reading of her work and we’ve prepared a presentation on this unique and modern philosopher.

    student center, Blue Room on 5th October, at 18:00 until 19:30



    student center, Blue Room on 7th October 2022 at 18:00 until 20:00

    horror movie time!!!! with pizza! come along this Friday for spooks and dominos.

    Hello! This week PhilSoc will be hosting the first of our weeks dedicated to finance and the philosophical questions that surround it – touching on value, distribution and deprivation as we go along. The particular subject at hand is ‘Cryptocurrency’, so suit up and buckle in!




    we will kick of this week with some poetry and walks. in the first part we have selected some poems to be read out and analyzed that are both philosophical and to do with nature (or at least use it as a tool to display a point.

    after we have had a reading we will walk around the more natural parts of ucd with the poems in mind  (and at hand) to gain more insight into the poems and the natural world.

    location and time: student center,

    Blue Room on 10th October 2022 at 6pm


    Wednesdays event will be centered around this question that we will all discuss and debate. are animals and nature valuable in and of themselves or are they only valuable and worthwhile because they benefit and are necessary to humans. In this event we will debate this question and all who come are more than welcome to share their views (respectfully). essentially this is a semi ethical semi metaphysical debate on anthropocentrism. come by and share your views.

    time and place: student center, Red Room on 12th October 2022 at 15:00 until 17:00


    in this final event of the week we will watch a nature documentary and order pizza to enjoy along with the film. afterwards if there is time there will be a discussion on the movie and guests are invited to share their own views

    time and place: student center: Blue Room on 14th October 2022 at 18:00


    we understand that for many members their mid term essay deadlines and exams are coming up. given this, week 6 is dedicated to relaxation as well as helping people wit htheir assignments , aand giving members a platform to help one another.




    short story reading with snacks


    screening with pizza

    We’re fundrasing this week and celebrating all things important to you. Let us know what you’d like to see from us.




    PhilSoc and UCDSVP discuss…
    the philosophy of volunteering and charity engagement

    Location: A105, the Newman Building




    *Virtual Event*
    Announcement of PhilSoc’s chosen charity
    (Looking forward to this!).
    zoom link to be made available on our linktree shortly.




    Intro. to fundraiser event competition with UCD World Aid Soc and UCDSVP
    We’ll go over guidelines,allocation of starter packs and general discussion with UCD World Aid Soc and UCDSVP. This serves as a lovely opportunity to ask whatever questions you may have relating to this fundraiser, give suggestions and even inquire on two societies you may have missed at the start of this year.
    Location TBA

    This week we’re taking it a bit slower. We’ll be hosting another round of spicy debates for people to take part in and get some grub and a coffee morning filled with festive treats to pour your troubles over. So take it easy, you’ll pull through. If you’re in need of a friendly face and a moment to decompress why not consider dropping by.



    Spicy Speed Debate

    6 pm, G109 in the Newman Building



    Festive Coffee Morning

    10:30 am, Location TBA

    As our “welcome back” to college we’ll be hosting a week of ethical refreshers.

    Event 1// Wednesday:

    Our first event will be online. It will take place on Wednesday, 19th from 8pm onwards. We’ll be hosting an Among Us game with discussions being held over discord. If that sounds good then keep an eye out for the game code.

    Event 2// Thursday:

    PhilSoc Ethics Bowl

    Discussion of ethical dilemmas, the floor is yours!

    6:30pm-7:30pm on Thursday 20th in Meeting Rooms 5,6,7 in the Student Centre.

    Events on this week:


    PhilSoc plays…

    Jackbox with Netsoc @ 5pm
    This event is available to attend in person and online (check out our Discord), we’ll have some people operating from a lecture hall. Room TBA. Remember to bring a device to connect to!



    (morning event)
    Coffee Morning with ArtSoc @ 10am
    We’ll be meeting outside the ArtSoc office in the Newman basement. Be sure to bring a clean cup and of course plenty of chat material.

    (evening event)
    Spicy Speed Debates @ 6pm
    Room TBA, due to be held somewhere within Newman



    DIY Boardgames with PhilSoc @ 5pm
    Location TBA



    PhilSoc Bowls!

    We’re thinking about renting out a little place to go bowling, register your interest via our linktree form if that sounds intriguing! Places are limited so snag a place before anyone else!

    This week PhilSoc hosts a week of events centered on the subject of justice. We’ll be examining what justice is and how the legal arm attempts to replicate it. We’re expecting some wild takes!



    PhilSoc presents…
    Stupid Laws

    5pm, Theatre R, Newman Building

    Real or not? At this event you’ll be asked to vote on whether you think the law discussed is a real law or not. It’s trickier than it sounds.



    PhilSoc watches…
    Justice Week screening w/NetSoc

    6pm, Theatre R, Newman Building

    Catch a break this Wednesday. We’ll be taking a look at films which take a crack at portraying famous and fictional legal proceedings. And no perms will not be used to undermine anyone’s alibi.



    PhilSoc presents…
    Create your own legal system

    5pm, B110, Newman Building

    Here you are the senate! Defend why you think donkeys ought to be leviathan, why not thanking bus drivers becomes a punishable crime etc. However zany let’s make it a cohesive model! I’m excited for this one if I may say so.

    Be sure to keep an eye on the UCD events calendar as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages to see regular updates of our events!

    COGITO submissions now OPEN

    Accepting submissions for next issue

    Send your writing/ art to:

    Have a question? Send us an email @


    Countdown to submission deadline below:









    Things of note:

    Our society sometimes takes part in intervarsity activities, mostly with our Trintiy counterpart the Metafizz. If interested why not check out their twitter @Metafizz.