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    Philosophy Society

    The Philosophy Society of University College Dublin (UCD Philsoc) was founded in 1965. The purpose of the society is to encourage the learning, thinking and discussion of philosophical ideas; and to act as a social forum of exchange for those interested in philosophical or intellectual matters.

    Guest speakers

    The Philosophy Society regularly invites notable speakers to deliver individual addresses to the Society. In recent years these speakers have included include Robert Fisk,] Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental, Norman Finkelstein,  Professor Richard Swinburne and Professor Noam Chomsky.

    Academics are frequently invited in to discuss their area of research.

    Debates and Dialogues

    The society frequently hosts public debates in which both topical issues and age-old philosophical questions are discussed. our famous walking debate is a staple of our society and regularly gives any member to voice opinions about philosophy as well as a range of topics beyond philosophy.

    get in contact.

    email us at or through the links below.



    Hello and welcome to Philsoc 2023- 2024. to any new comers we are all exited to meet you, and to those of you who are already members welcome back.

    Our first coffee morning of the year will just be a casual get together and discussion. we will be serving some snacks along side tea and coffee.

    12 mid day in the red room, student center.

    Monday: Speed Friending

    The Literary and Historical Society, German Society, Food Society, Psychological Society, Economics Society, and Philosophy Society are all teaming up for a speed friending event. It will be a great opportunity to check out several societies at once and also to make some new friends. To sweeten the deal, alcohol will also be provided.

    Time and Location: 3 pm, Brava Lounge / Old Student Union Centre.


    Tuesday: walking debate

    welcome to our first walking debate of the year. there will be many to come! as usual there are 6 questions debated over the course of 2 hours. they will get 15 mins each, and we will circle back to the most popular 2 at the end to debate them for an extra 15. feel free to message us on Instagram or email us if you would like to suggest a question. we always have lots of fun in our walking debates and they have proved to be philsoc’s most popular event.

    Newman building, room g08, 6pm.


    Wednesday: philosophy Kahoot

    come along and test your knowledge on philosophy. and learn more! there will be prizes for first, second and third place. come answer questions like which philosopher said “to live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering” or what concept is Immanuel Kant most famous for?

    Newman building, theatre O, 6pm.

    Thursday: coffee morning

    this event is a chance to meat some of the members of the committee and get to know us personally. we will also be serving tea, coffee and some snacks to go with them.

    red room, student center, 11am.

    Friday: the philosophy of music

    for this event our secretary, Ciaran Dudley, and auditor, shaam mallak, have prepared a presentation on the philosophy of music. we love karaoke events here and we host multiple a year, but we have never stopped and thought what makes music so special. what is it? why has it been invented in every culture. why does it have such an impact on us? during this presentation we encourage participation from the audience and will have time allocated for discussion. we look forward to hearing your thoughts and answers to the puzzles and paradoxes that we show.

    6pm, theatre O, the Newman building, pm.

    btw, since it is a Friday night many of our committee members will be heading into town for drinks and fun after the event. you are more than welcome to join us :).



    Monday: walking debate.

    some new questions and some popular questions than before. as usual it will be 6 questions debated over the course of 2 hours. very friendly and casual, there are no winners or looses here :). these are always our best events for discussion and casual philosophy. If theres one event you should come to this year from us, its a walking debate


    7pm in the student center, red room


    Wednesday: love, death and robots screening.

    we have found through the years that one of the best ways in which philosophy is explored is through science fiction, such as tv shows like black mirror and love, death and robots. so for this event we will be showing a couple of the philosophical episodes of the latter. after each episodes there will be a philosophical discussion on it. what does it mean? what can we learn from it?

    red room, student center, 6pm.

    Monday: OGM

    If you’re interested in becoming a valuable member of our committee, whether by contributing to event planning, social media management, or simply being an integral part of our team, this gathering is a fantastic opportunity! It provides a platform for everyone to participate in the election of new committee members and engage in discussions about our plans for the upcoming semester. Available positions include Events Officer(s), Social Media Officer, and Sponsorship Officer. Your involvement is greatly encouraged and appreciated!

    02/10, 6 PM: Newman B108

    Wednesday: Pub Quiz

    Join us for an exciting philosophical pub quiz at Farmer Brown’s. Expect thought-provoking discussions and a friendly atmosphere. Don’t forget your ID & see you there for an enjoyable evening of philosophy!

    04/10, 5:30 PM: Outside New Student Centre (by the sculpture)

    Friday: Screening

    Join us for a delightful film screening of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” followed by a thought-provoking discussion on how it connects with Nietzsche’s concept of eternal recurrence. Afterward, we’ll continue the conversation in the Clubhouse!

    06/10, 5:30 PM: Newman NTh1

    Monday: nature of conflict

    Wednesday: nature of identity

    both of the events this week are prestation’s and discussions on the thesis of our current speaker. as usual there will be discussions at the end of both events were you can share your view. included within this week is a discussion on masculinity as well, which may come into these events.

    Monday’s event will take place in the Newman Building in room c216. 6pm to 8pm

    Wednesdays event will take place in the Newman building in room J102. 6pm to 8pm



    no events listed yet, check back soon!


    no events listed yet, check back soon!

    Tuesday: Coffee Morning

    Take a moment to recharge at our coffee morning, offering a welcome breather as midterms loom. Engage in enlightening discussions and savour a warm brew with fellow students.

    24/10, 1 PM: Newman B209


    Thursday: Pumpkin Carving

    Join us for a thought-provoking pumpkin carving session in celebration of Halloween! Embrace the spirit of the season while delving into deep discussions, all while crafting your very own spooky masterpiece. After, we will head on to the clubhouse.

    26/10, 5 PM: Newman J108

    we hope you enjoy your mid term break!!!

    we will be holding game nights on discord

    stoicism week


    Monday: walking debate 


    In as part of international stoicism week we have divided to theme our week around that general theme. the first even will be a stoic themed walking debate. if there are any questions you would like to ask in line with this theme text us on our Instagram and we may add them.

    Newman building: room G108 from 6pm to 8.30


    Wednesday: coffee evening  and free form discussion. 

    what does stoicism mean to you? do you think its a good philosophy or are there better alternatives? this coffee evening presents you with a chance to make all your opinions about the philosophy known. it’ll mostly be a free form discussion but we have prepared some prompts to spark discussion and debate. unlike the walking debate above it’ll be more laid back and there will be less of a focus on where attendees disagree, and more just a general discussion.

    Newman building: room F101 from 6pm to 8.30




    Newman room f101 5pm to 8pm



    no events listed yet, check back soon!



    no events listed yet, check back soon!



    no events listed yet, check back soon!



    no events listed yet, check back soon!




    no events listed yet, check back soon!




    no events listed yet, check back soon!


    no events listed yet, check back soon!


    no events listed yet, check back soon!

    welcome back!


    We hope you have all had a lovely break and enjoyed the many holidays that took place over the last while, and we are happy to be back to you with another fun semester of events and activities.

    If there are any questions or concerns about the plans below please email us.

    This semester we have events ranging from fun interactive ones to more acedemic ones focused on learning and discussion (should be fun also though 🙂 ). Keep an eye on our page as events and weeks will be uploaded here in the next few weeks. Also look out for our email near the start of this semester.

    We are looking forward to hosting a great and eventful semester here at philsoc.

    Week 20

    Monday: walking debate

    welcome back everyone! we are starting of the semester the way we normally start of our weeks, with a good old walking debate. as usual there will be 6 questions in total debated for 15 minutes each. after we will loop back to the 2 most popular questions and debate them for another 15, for a total of 2 hours. this time however, we have planned to make 3 of the questions public before hand, and leave the rest as mystery questions.

    1- in ethics there are often 2 schools of thought, consequentialism vs deontology. but an ancient third often neglected in the modern day is virtue ethics. compared to these other two, how viable is virtue ethics in regards to morality and moral decisions. do you agree with it over the other two, or should it remain in history.

    2- from a scale of one to ten how evil is the USA, 10 being Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, one being perfectly justifiable in every single way and in regards to every action and policy.

    3- to what extent should we let fear of persecution, punishment, and other sanctions, stop us from being virtuous and ethical?

    blue room, student center, 6pm until 8pm.

    Tuesday: coffee afternoon

    3pm until 4.30pm, blue room, student center


    Monday: Walking Debate 

    6pm in the blue room, student center. Basic walking debate style questions, 3-4 will be kept as a mystery but the first three will be stated here:

    Can predestination and free will co-exist?

    Do humans need other humans in order to feel fulfilled?

    Is happiness universal, or is it just something that can be construed as a matter based on perspective?


    Wednesday: Pub quiz

    We will be having a small philosophical quiz at Farmer Browns around 6pm

    Thursday: coffee afternoon 

    Friendly discussion and vibes, if you want you can bring your own cup

    mid day in meeting room 5-7, student center


    Tuesday: FNAF Presentation

    The ultimate theory to solve the Five Nights at Freddy’s lore in a satisfying way once and for all. A huge presentation in tribute to MatPat leaving Game Theory presented by one of our own committee members. Audience participation and debate is encouraged.

    Join us for some FNAF fun in the Red Room, Student Centre 4 PM


    Thursday: Creative Writing Session

    A relaxing event to help those creative juices start flowing. For those who want something a bit more laidback, relaxed and maybe to end up creating something you enjoy.

    Find us in the Newman Building room G208 at 5 PM


    Friday: Walking debate.

    The regular showstopper is back once more and this time the three prompts are:
    1. Are Humans entitled to respect or must it be earned?
    2. Does one exist before they are born?
    3. Have we become too fixated on the preservation and protection of culture, to the detriment of innovation and creation of culture?

    Find us in the Blue Room, Student Centre 6 PM

    Monday: walking debate

    F106 Newman building, 6pm until 8pm


    Tuesday: coffee morning

    blue room: 10am until 11. student center



    Thursday: Nihilism in Nazi Germany.

    in this presentation we will look at the presence of nihilism in Nazi Germany, and the impact it had on that society. this is a commonly debated topic in history and philosophy, with many believing that the German third Reich was inspired by nietchian concepts like the will to power and the super man. others claim however that it took more from Hagel and Kant, since Nietches veneration of individualism and hatred of collectivism may run counter to a tribe focused society like Germany at the time.

    6pm in theatre L, Newman building


    Monday: Walking Debate

    If there is one constant in the universe, it is that the walking debate will return. Taking place in Newman, B110 from 6-8pm


    Do all humans want to be loved (either consciously or unconsciously)?

    Is it possible for one to have a “good death”?

    Is slavery ever ethically defensible?



    Thursday: Solaris (1972) Screening! (Collaboration with Netsoc)

    Before Annihilation, Arrival, Interstellar – there was Solaris. We will be collaborating with Net Society to bring you a screening of this sci-fi classic! 6-9pm, Location is still TBD so be sure to watch out for it!



    Friday: Mackey’s Wacky Boardgame Night! (Name still pending)

    A lovely night of the most delectable board games, best played with friends. Rumor has it that these board games are a little bit different from the ones you’ll regularly find at games-centric society events (they’re Luke’s board games). Taking place in Newman, B108 from 6-9pm.

    Monday: Walking Debate

    The usual walking debate. This week some of the prompts include:

    Is it better to be well-liked or respected by those around you?

    Can an ideal form of government ever be reached outside of hypotheticals?

    Does intent matter when we judge actions?

    Newman Building C215 6 PM – 8 PM


    Tuesday: Presentation on Kafka

    A presentation on Kafka, be sure to check it out.

    Blue Room, Student Centre 6 PM – 8 PM


    Thursday: Coffee event

    A social event for all interested in Philosophy. A cup of joe and some chat

    Red Room, Student Centre 10:30-11:30



    Your regularly scheduled Walking Debate! To go along with Utopia Week, we’ll be giving you some utopia-themed prompts!

    Could humans reasonably create utopia?

    Would you walk away from Omelas? (Your ideal utopian society, but can only exist by having a single child tortured by himself in a hidden cellar)

    Is simulated utopia true utopia?

    Utopia definition: A place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions.



    Another nice coffee afternoon to meet and chat with friends. Meet from 4-5pm at the Meeting Rooms in the Student Centre for a nice cuppa joe.




    Creative Writing and Chill Event from 5-6pm at the Student Centre Meeting Rooms.



    no events listed yet, check back soon!





    Monday: Annual Society Meating with pizza!?!?!?

    In this event committee will give a report to society members and answer all questions about the society like plans about the future and about what has happened in the past year. it is also a chance for all participants at the meeting to give suggestions, criticisms and make known their views about what we did well and what we shouldn’t do again.

    this is also for the purposes of elections and we will here decide the committee for next year. all positions are up for grabs including major positions like secretary, auditor and pro. If you would like to join the committee come along and throw your name in. you will be given an opportunity to represent yourself and show why you should be elected into the position. there will be a link on our email and social media to a page where you can put down your details and what position you want in the weeks before hand.

    Pizza will be served afterwards.

    student center, (Red Room) on 3rd April 2023 at 18:00 until 20:30


    Tuesday: Don’t Fear the Reaper! 

    The attendees are organized into groups and each group is given a model (social, cultural, religious) of how death is engaged with. The groups come together to represent their respective models and to relate them to the others. At the end of the event, the groups are dissolved, and the attendees are asked to choose which model they would personally prefer to approach death.  

    Newman building, theatre R. 6pm to 8.30.


    Join us for our first event of Sociology Week! You’ll be given a crash course in the main schools of thought within this elusive field and get a basic grasp on how to conduct sociological analysis. And the rest is up to you – together with your fellow now-sociologists you’ll investigate the sociological implications of an object of your choice (be it your favorite video game or even a can of beans!), and then share and discuss your findings to expand your knowledge of the banal world of objects around you.


    6pm, blue room, student center



    Come and chill with us as we close off the week with one of PhilSoc’s most time-honored traditions: the Walking Debate… but with a sociological twist! You’ll be presented with statements made by famous sociologists on various topics and be tasked with debating their overall validity, in addition to navigating your way through the often very obtuse language employed by these people… Further your understanding of the (social) world through discussion, and have fun while at it!


    student center, red room, 6pm to 8.30


    no events listed yet, check back soon!


    no events listed yet, check back soon!



    no events listed yet, check back soon!

    Be sure to keep an eye on the UCD events calendar above and Instagram page to see regular updates of our events!

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    Things of note:

    Our society sometimes takes part in intervarsity activities, mostly with our Trintiy counterpart the Metafizz. If interested why not check out their twitter @Metafizz.