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    Russian Society

    You are very welcome!!! 

    Russian Society is a community for any and all who have an interest in Russian culture, language and tradition. Join us for music, nights out, trips and learning experiences, where you’re sure to make new friends, learn new things and make student life a more exhilarating time!

    We strive to meet our members every week, for coffee morning where we play games, have themed discussions and eat Russian snacks, or for organised events like bowling, table tennis tournaments, chess games or Russian Sauna trips!

    We have had students from all sorts of backgrounds join in past years and have heard only positive things about the society. It’s amazing to see so many people interacting through our society as a medium, connecting students by a shared interest of Russian culture, society and language.

    There are absolutely no requirements for joining, of course. We only ask that political discussions are to be excluded within our Society, as we are aware that political differences occur among people of different backgrounds.

    Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see what we do!

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