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    Society of the Year Awards 2022

    • Standard
    • 20 Oct 2021
    • stephen.whelan

    It’s only October but we’re already starting to think about the UCD Society of the Year Awards 21/22. What societies have stood out? What have been the best event? Who has been the most engaged and creative in relation to their social output (social media, comms or printed materials). There really is so much to consider. It’s often hard to compare societies, but you can always spot the most active and hard working groups. That’s a critical starting point!

    We have 80 student societies here on campus that cover an eclectic range of interests. Societies are social outlets – they’re fun and the 4000+ events we run each year is an integral part of building community on campus. They also serve an essential co-curricular function in UCD by providing students with a mechanism to develop skills and gain valuable experience that can help them stand out to potential employers.


    The Society of the Year Awards seek to reward student enterprise, recognise the vital work done by societies to support student development and to acknowledge their central role in building community in UCD.