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    The Foy-Zappone Award

    The Foy-Zappone Award is an award which the society bestows upon a person or persons who have contributed significantly to the fight in furthering diversity and equality in Ireland and around the world. It acknowledges individuals’ that have made a significant mark on fighting for human rights and takes into account their own background and story.

    The award was founded in 2013 under then Auditor Jack Carolan. It was titled after its first two recipients Dr. Lydia Foy and Minister Katherine Zappone. Each of these was distinguished activists in their respective fields – but both fought under the broad spectrum for increasing equality.

    To date recipients have included:

    • Lydia Foy – Transgender rights activist
    • Katherine Zappone – Minister for Children and Youth Affairs (2016-Present), Senator, political and social activist
    • Maria Walsh – Rose of Tralee 2014, social activist
    • Una Mullally – Journalist, author, political / social activist and commentator

    Each of these recipients have been role-models for UCD LGBTQ+ members. They have made a significant impact on Irish social, cultural and political life. They help to demonstrate that you can make a difference no matter who you are or how you identify.

    Each year, the Committee seek nominations from the Society members. The invitation is then extended to the recipient. The occasion is marked by a ceremony, trophy and gathering of students and staff.


    In 2016/2017 the committee are working on developing the Foy-Zappone Award. UCD LGBTQ+ will be developing partnerships and working with leading organisations to help bring it to the next level. The society is looking to those who have been both Irish and global leaders in the fight to achieve equality as possible future recipients.


    Article posted August 24, 2016

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