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    Traditional Music Society

    TradSoc is the home of Irish Music in UCD! Whether you’re an avid musician, a trad enthusiast or just looking to get a taste for Irish culture, TradSoc is the place for you!


    TradSoc has offered a range of events and activities in the past and this year will be no different! Our dedicated committee are already working on offering virtual events to our members in order to give you all your trad fix!


    In years gone by, we have held many recitals on UCD Campus and this year we hope to hold virtual recitals with established traditional musicians. Although we might be lacking some of the usual atmosphere, an opportunity to hear some class tunes is not to be missed!


    As well as all the craic that comes with TradSoc, meeting new people and making friends is huge part of this society! Previously TradSoc trips to Birmingham TradFest and UCC TradFest were a chance to meet other musicians and get to know other members of the society. Although these events may not be taking place this year, we hope that you all get stuck in and make the most of the year!


    If you have an interest in Irish Music but never got the chance to learn, we will be offering virtual Beginner Tin-Whistle lessons through the society! It allows all members to experience Irish Music at some level. This has been especially popular with International Students since its introduction a number of years ago!


    The infamous TradSoc Sessions in Conradh na Gaeilge on Harcourt Street will have to wait until restrictions ease up and it is safe to hold them again. These sessions give our musicians a chance to showcase their talent as well as offering everyone a chance to kickback and let off some steam! Not to mention throwing in cúpla focail as Gaeilge here and there!


    We can’t wait to welcome our members both old and new this year! We hope you join us and can’t wait to see you getting involved as much as possible!


    Bígí Linn!

    Tradsoc xxx

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