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    UCD LitSoc Releases its Annual Publication ‘Caveat Lector’

    UCD English & Literary Society (LitSoc) releases their annual publication ‘Caveat Lector’

    Caveat Lector is UCD’s one and only creative writing publication, published once every semester. Our aim is to promote the literary work of our members and provide a platform for their voice to be heard. Caveat Lector is latin for “Reader Beware” and we go with the philosophy that writing should attempt to challenge readers.

    The published pieces deal with a range of issues from personal, to philosophical, to political, and each publication has the aim of including a vast array of different pieces to represent the diversity of the writing community in UCD.

    This is our third year running and our most recent issue sold out within the week which we feel represents the demand within UCD for publications such as this one. In 2016 the Caveat won the UCD publication of the year as well as being nominated for a Student Media Award in 2017. For many submitters the Caveat is the first place where they will have something they wrote published, and we hope that this can encourage and give people the confidence to continue writing in the future.

    The Caveat is dedicated to Thomas MacDonagh who founded the society in the hope of instilling a love of literature in the student body. There will be a new issue of the Caveat next semester, so if you have anything you’d like to submit or any questions please email: