UCD Societies announce Chairperson 2017-18

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Executive Committee of UCD Societies Council announces appointment of James Green as Chairperson for the academic session 2017-2018

The Executive Committee of UCD Societies Council recently appointed James Green as Chairperson of UCD Societies Council, whose one-year term will commence in line with the next academic session from June 2017.

James was Auditor of the UCD Law Society during its 105th session during the 2015-2016 academic term, and was elected as a delegate to the Recognition Committee during that year, also serving on the Executive Committee of the UCD Societies Council since that election. The Society were selected as UCD Society of the Year in April 2016. During the 2016-2017 term, James was Welfare Officer of the UCD St Vincent de Paul Society, and was recognised for his outstanding contribution to student activities and student life with a UCD President’s Award for Excellence in Student Activities in March 2017.

Established during the 1993 academic term, the UCD Societies Council has a current membership of over 80 recognised student societies, and is responsible for the allocation of funding and grants to each student society, providing support and assistance to the officers of each student society in carrying out their duties, and oversight of all student society activities. Student interests are represented throughout the University’s various structures by the officers of the Societies Council, namely the Chair.



For more information on UCD Societies Council visit www.ucdsocieties.com.