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    Executive Committee of UCD Societies Council announces the appointment of Joanna O’Malley and Mikey Marren as Communications & Social Media Executives for the academic session 2018-2019

    The Executive Committee of UCD Societies Council recently appointed Joanna O’Malley and Mikey Marren as the Communications & Social Media Executives of the UCD Societies Council, whose 10-month term has commenced.

    Joanna has been involved in society life for many years as PRO for the L&H and Auditor of the Arts and Biological society for which she was awarded a President’s award. She was also the Photographer for the Student centre for three years as well as the University ambassador programme photographer and finally, she was the Chief Photographer for the University Observer.

    Mikey is a recent Commerce graduate who spent his university years involved with the Commerce and Economics society in a creative capacity. Mikey has also done a lot of creative video work for small companies and start-ups around Dublin, in addition to working as a touring videographer with Irish musician ‘EDEN’.

    Established during the 1993 academic term, the UCD Societies Council has a current membership of over 80 recognised student societies, and is responsible for the allocation of funding and grants to each student society, providing support and assistance to the officers of each student society in carrying out their duties, and oversight of all student society activities. Student interests are represented throughout the University’s various structures by the officers of the Societies Council, namely the Chair.

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