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    UCD Societies announce Communications & Social Media Executive

    Executive Committee of UCD Societies Council announces appointment of Thomas Arnold as Communications & Social Media Executive for the academic session 2017-2018

    The Executive Committee of UCD Societies Council recently appointed Thomas Arnold as the Communications & Social Media Executive of the UCD Societies Council, whose 10 month term has commenced.

    Thomas has been involved in the Social media output for many groups in the University including UCD Student Recruitment & UCD Alumni and has done extensive videography work for miscellaneous groups in the university over the past 12 months. A large amount of content has been made over the past month showcasing freshers week, small societies and guest speakers which can all be found on the UCD Societies Facebook page.

    Established during the 1993 academic term, the UCD Societies Council has a current membership of over 80 recognised student societies, and is responsible for the allocation of funding and grants to each student society, providing support and assistance to the officers of each student society in carrying out their duties, and oversight of all student society activities. Student interests are represented throughout the University’s various structures by the officers of the Societies Council, namely the Chair.

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