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    Africa Society

    We are UCD Africa Society, a multicultural society embracing and celebrating the motherland. This year, we hope to offer you an even more diverse and inclusive Africa Society. There is room for everyone in the society, all are welcome😊!! From our annual hit, “Take Me Out” to “Small Chops and Chill”, we cater to all pallets (literally lol) and you can be sure there’s an event in there somewhere for you. We aim to bring people from different backgrounds together and represent minority groups in UCD by educating and learning about the vast array of vibrant cultures throughout Africa and of course to TURN UP!!!

    Follow us on all our socials to keep up with events and everything that goes on in the society! You can join the society at any time by either dropping us an email or dm to our Instagram page. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions also, so don’t be shy to hit us up!🤟🏽

    UCD Africa Society are delighted to announce Amazon Inc. as our official sponsor for the academic year 2021/2022.

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