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    Science Fiction & Fantasy Society

    In a hole in the ground there lived a society, not for games or for non-fiction but for fantasy and sci-fi. Where no student has gone before, through the haunting halls of the student union, across the grueling lakes of the greater campus (don’t fall in!), and through the tunnels under Newman.

    Formed in 1992, Sci-Fi and Fantasy has been a hub for nerds and geeks alike. Whether your interests lie in Gallifrey or in Narnia, this society will embrace all your quirks. Providing you with entertainment every week. A book club for those whose interests lie amongst the pages of novels, or movie and TV screenings where stories come to life before your very eyes, weaving visual tales of new worlds for viewers to explore.

    We also hold special events during the year, from cosplay workshops to writing blocks. Our team of talented committee members are here to help make your college experience that much more fun! There is something for everyone in this small community and we welcome you to join us on our newest adventure!


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