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    Science Fiction & Fantasy Society

    Formed in 1992, Sci-Fi & Fantasy is one of the most active societies on campus with loads of weekly events such as coffee mornings, TV nights and movie screenings! Not to mention our larger events such as our Time Travellers Ball, our famed Bi-Annual Table Quizzes and taking part in Relay for Life to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society.


    We also have a huge library with over 450 books and movies, complete with a book club in case you don’t know where to start!


    Whether you’re a die-hard trekkie or just started Game of Thrones, we’ve got you covered. Look out for us at orientation and freshers week where we’ll be having some meet and greets so you can get to know us (and eat pizza at our expense). Be there for your first chance to get in on one of the most close-knit societies in UCD!

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