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    Horticulture Society

    Welcome lovely beans! 🌿


    Interested in knowing more about the only gardening society in UCD? Or maybe you randomly found our webpage? Anyway, here you are, take a few minutes to read this and feel free to contact us if you want to know even more!

    What is Horticulture 🌷 ?

    “Horticulture is the science, technology, art and business of cultivating and using plants to improve human life. […] A global solution for safe, sustainable, nutritious food and healthy, restorative and beautiful environments.”

    Who are we?

    The Horticulture society was founded in 2014 with the aim of educating and engaging students in general horticultural activities and knowledge.

    We are a bunch of students from different backgrounds and courses who enjoy nature, gardening, and chilling together. 🍄  No horticulture, agriculture, or science knowledge required to join the society, just enthusiasm for soil and plants!

    What we do?

    Community ☕️– First and foremost we want you to make new friends and feel welcome in our society. We try to accommodate everybody’s tastes and host movie nights, coffee mornings, and social events which is a great platform to socialize with other people and get involved in the community.

    Cultivation 🥕 – Our society grows organic fruits and vegetables in the UCD community garden. We have access to basic tools and equipment so you can learn to garden with us whether we are sowing seeds in the vegetable garden, making compost, pruning an apple tree, or beekeeping in the Apiary 🐝

    Education 🐞– We want you to learn new skills and educate yourself with us. We host educational/practical events throughout the year ranging from apple juicing workshop 🍎, gardening classes, wild woodland walks 🍂 , honey bee, and giant pumpkin growing lectures.

    You can find what we are planning for the next few weeks on our social media and UCD Calendar of events! ☘️

    We look forward to meet you at one of our events by joining our awesome society  🌱

    Get Involved!