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    Juggling Society

    The UCD Juggling society is not just a place for those who can juggle, it is a place where those wishing to learn may do so in an open and friendly environment.
    Juggling is the single most important thing you will learn at UCD as learning with us will inevitably help you pass your exams due to the simple fact that you won’t try to learn to juggle during study week like most people.

    Think back to the days of your youth, when you were young and had no inhibitions, UCD juggling society will bring you back to those days where you were in awe of the funny man throwing things around and falling over.

    Of course we don’t just teach people how to juggle, we teach them how to use a diverse range of props (including their own bodies), in all kinds of creative ways they never thought possible. As well as juggling, we cover a wide field of skills including hula-hoop, acrobatics, stilt walking, and object manipulation. Circus arts are a fun and mentally-stimulating way to exercise which can improve balance, coordination and dexterity.

    Juggling is not only a fun group activity but has also been shown to increase grey matter in the brain and is a great form of meditation and stress relief.

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