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    Chinese Society

    Founded in 2003, UCD Chinese Students and Scholars Association(UCD CSSA)is devoted to helping Chinese students and scholars fit into Ireland and creating an inclusive, open and mutual-aid community in UCD. As the only Chinese society in UCD, UCD CSSA actively organizes Chinese and foreign exchange activities, facilitates mutual trust and promotes the dissemination of Chinese culture in UCD as well as Ireland, so as to become a unique, characteristic, inclusive and open society.

    UCD CSSA Email Address: cssa.ucd@gmail.comPlease feel free to contact us if you have any queries or thoughts.

    UCD CSSA Facebook: is a great way to incorporate non-Chinese members. You certainly would certainly find all the society activities information on it, and more.

    UCD CSSA QQ Group:560656826. To facilitate the communication among Chinese between China and overseas, UCD CSSA has established a QQ Group, where you can find UCD alumni and students of diverse disciplines.

    UCD CSSA WeChat Subscription Platform: UCD学联CSSA. From now on, you would find all exciting activity information from CSSA and more come to your phone, rather than searching it yourself. WeChat is like the Chinese version of WhatsApp, which gains huge popularity with increasing users.UCD CSSA WeChat Subscription Platform allows a most convenient way for information dissemination and to build another way of communication between members and the UCD CSSA committee team.

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