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    Amnesty Society

    Amnesty International is a global organisation campaigning for justice. We are based on networks of people fighting the injustices which matter to them and their communities. We aim to uphold the dignity and human rights of all people. We do this through researching and verifying human rights abuses; lobbying with governments, companies, and policy makers; and spreading the word through campaigns, petitions, and protests.

    Amnesty International UCD is entirely student run. We we work together in tackling the issues important to us, students of UCD and we support students in becoming engaged in the fight for justice in their own communities.

    Issues tackled by us in the last year include the plight of refugees in Europe, the woeful conditions suffered by asylum seekers in Irish direct provision centres, and the criminalisation of people seeking abortions in Ireland.

    This year, we want to do as much as we can to materially support people in direct provision, to promote the work of UCD for Choice, and to address the issues our membership say are most important to them. Everything we’re capable of is based on your passion, and your engagement.

    You can learn more about Amnesty International Ireland at You can learn more about Amnesty International UCD by joining us at any of our events, or contacting us by email, facebook, instagram, or twitter. Let us know what campaigns are important to you!

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