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    UCD Games Society, or Gamesoc as it’s commonly known, was formed in the mists of time (1998) with the intention of providing relief from the stress and hardships of college in the best way possible – Games. We are the colleges first, and only gaming society, and the best around.

    Whether you’re interested in video games, card games, war games, board game, and even RPGs, we are here to help you do that. Our societies motto is, and always has been, “If it’s a game – we’ll play it”. We support and help all levels of experience, everyone is invited.

    Gamesoc strives to be one of the most active societies on the UCD campus, and that’s why you can find us running events every night, running the full gamut of gaming. And even outside of our scheduled events, you can still find us gaming – we tend to hang out at the “Blob”, or the sitting area across the L theatre in the Newman

    So come to one of our events, or swing over and say hi – then stay for a game or two.