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    UCD Games Society is UCD’s only games society, we’ve been here for decades and are planning to stay for decades more.
    We are UCD’s most active society by any metric, holding 8 events a week on average.

    Every year we acquire about a hundred new games to add to our vast collection and the officers in each discipline are always so excited to introduce their games to new members.

    Whether you’re interested in Video games, Card games, War games, Board games, and especially Role Playing Games we are here to help.
    Our societies motto is, and always has been, “If it’s a game – we’ll play it”. We support and help all levels of experience, everyone is invited.

    GameSoc strives to be one of the most active societies on the UCD campus and we will not take our position for granted. We are always trying to find exciting and creative ways to explore your favourite hobbies with you. Whether you want to come join us for our timetabled events in the student centre, or join our community to organise your own sessions we welcome it all!

    We are so proud of the inclusive and friendly atmosphere we’ve been able to cultivate at Gamesoc. Not sure if we’re for you? Why not try coming to one of our coffee mornings. You’ll get a taste of each kind of game and the atmosphere here at Gamesoc (and some delicious coffee)