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    Psychological Society

    The Psychological Society is as varied in what it has to offer as the subject itself – to define it properly is a struggle (and more the role of a philosopher than a psychologist).

    Psychology is inherently in every aspect of human life – so this year, we’re focusing on a theme a week to offer our members an insight into multiple areas of psychology. We’ll be looking at Cultural Awareness, the Psychology of Business and Environmental Anxiety.

    Using social media, academic articles, Zoom events, workshops, society collaborations and as many favours we can charm out of the School of Psychology – we hope to offer a context for as many aspects of Psychology we can.

    We have multiple exciting guess joining us this semester - Ryder Carroll, developer of the Bullet Journal Method, Anne O’Leary, CEO of Vodafone, and Adam Harris, CEO of AsIAm.

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