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    Commerce & Economics Society

    Proudly Sponsored by KPMG

    The Commerce & Economics Society is Ireland’s largest and oldest business orientated university society. The society is in its 110th session and we aim to maintain our reputation as the best society on campus. Our notable alumni include Brian Davy, Garrett Fitzgerald and the illustrious Charles Haughey.

    C&E has evolved from being a society purely focused on debating to become UCD’s premier social events society, providing the cornerstone of any healthy college life.  The society also embraces the academic side of college and provides support and training to ensure you get your degree and the grades you want!  We pride ourselves on being the most open and approachable society on campus, and are always on the lookout for new crew who are eager to get involved.

    C&E routinely hold some of the most popular events in UCD including the Iron Stomach competition, the biggest society event hosted during Freshers’ Week and Dublin’s largest annual ‘Superbowl’ party every February. One of C&Es main events is UCD’s largest, most insane black tie ball, the infamous Comm Ball, hosted every November with more than 800 guests, an unbelievable music line-up and many more surprises on the night. When all that partying becomes too much and it’s time to get the head screwed on, the Commerce & Economics Society provide a range of careers events, ranging from mock interviews to networking events with some of Ireland’s leading business people to ensure you land your dream summer internship or graduate job.

    As we are slowly returning back to normal life, we aim to resume all the iconic events that ran before covid. It is important to strike a balance between study and social life, and the C&E has the perfect balance of both. 

    Hope to see you at one of our events!

    Ralph Murphy,

    110th Session Auditor

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