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    Mathematical Society

    UCD MathSoc is proudly sponsored by SIG (Susquehanna International Group)

    Mathematics is the language of the universe. It can describe the motion of planets or tell you why your professor’s Zoom call is freezing. Whether you’re interested in delving deep into the world of mathematics or just have a surface curiosity, we at MathSoc believe everyone can appreciate mathematical beauty. It shows up in the colour of sunsets, the shape of flowers, and oftentimes is hiding behind the unexplainable. The modern world in which we all live runs on mathematics so whether you like it or not there is mathematics in your life!


    You may be asking yourself: “Do they just sit around and solve equations all day at MathSoc?” While we do plenty of that we also host an array of exciting social events!


    This year in MathSoc is going to be a little different as we’re experimenting with new types of online events. These events will take the form of virtual movie nights and coffee mornings, online games (Among Us anyone?), etc. Get involved, you’ll be guaranteed non-trivial amounts of fun!


    We’ll be running our famous traveling salesman competition twice this year so make sure you sign up! We’ve also created a brand new Discord server where you can come by and ask for maths help, submit your best maths memes, or just hangout.


    We have numerous events planned for the coming year such as Movie Nights, Lecturer Talks, our Travelling Salesman Competition and our Mathematical Meme Competition. Get in touch with us at our Virtual Freshers Stand or one of our social media pages to find out more!


    Our Committee for the 2021/2022 Academic year:

    Auditor – Irina Sokolova

    Secretary: Finnegan Furey-King

    Treasurer: Roisin McAteer

    PRO: Olwyn Sullivan

    Events Officer: Liam Featherly

    Graphic Designer: Christina Botezatu



    We also have a few committee positions to be filled like 1st and 2nd year Reps, Liaison Officer, and Ordinary Committee Members. If you are interested in getting involved in this way please get in touch!

    If you would like more info please call by our Virtual Freshers Stand!

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