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    One Health Society

    Welcome to the One Health Society in UCD!

    We are an open, welcoming, interdisciplinary society with members from across the campus including vets, medics, nurses, agricultural and environmental scientists and anybody with an interest in One Health!

    The One Health Initiative states ‘One Health is dedicated to improving the lives of all species – human and animal – through the integration of human medicine, veterinary medicine and Environmental Science’

    Throughout the year we host talks on a range of One Health topics including antimicrobial resistance, zoonotic diseases, comparative oncology and other links between human and animal medicine, as well as some practical workshops such as a comparative anatomy workshop and suturing skills workshop.

    Our biggest week of the year is One Health Week in Semester 2 where we have an event on each day! We are also planning a trip to the Edinburgh One Health Student Conference this November, and the Cambridge One Health Student Conference in February, which should be nice, affordable trips away and an opportunity to make friends with similar interests both within UCD and from other Unis.  This year we are also planning a One Health Grand Challenge or X prize, offering a cash prize for the team that comes up with the best innovative solution to a One Health Challenge, which will be judged by poster competition at the end of One Health Week.  Stay tuned to find out more…

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