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    The Biological Society

    Are you adenine? Because I want to be paired with U <3 

    Welcome to the UCD Biological Society! We are a student-run body devoted to highlighting the beauty of the natural world and nurturing interest in the sciences 🌿

    We host various events that anyone from any course can adore, such as our in-demand Coffee and Breakfast Bars, Teavenings (get it? Tea-evenings?), Beach and Dodder Cleans, trips to zoos/wildlife attraction, charity fundraising, internship/subject talks, and so much more! 

    Our larger events always cause more traction, because you get the chance to attend our most popular event of the year; the George Sigerson Award for Inspiring Aspiring Scientists. You get to meet and talk to a famous Scientist that has led the field of science in a direction that was never imaginable. We’re talking famous Nobel laureates, COVID-19 vaccine developers (hint for our current George Sigerson candidate for 2021/2022 👀), and various incredible Scientists 🧪

    What are you waiting for? Join our Society today 🥺  Enjoy a cup of coffee at our Coffee Bars ☕️, or even some freshly made candy floss while watching Jurassic park at UCD Cinema 🎞🦖. 

    Follow us on social media, because we’re literally on every platform that you can think of (Gen Z made us do it 😩). 

    • Instagram: @ucdbiosoc 
    • Twitter: @ucd_biosoc 
    • Facebook: @the.biological.society 
    • TikTok: @ucdbiosoc 
    • LinkedIn: UCD Biological Society 

    Visit our website, where we provide all information needed to our members, and sell our Society merchandise*:

    *All profit made on merchandise will be donated to a chosen charity every month. 

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