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    This House Regrets America

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    This House Regrets America

    The Literary and Historical Society
    • 29 Feb 2024, 06:30 pm
    • UCD Student Centre, FitzGerald Chamber

    Whats About

    Join the L&H for this week's house debate "This House Regrets America," at 6.30pm in the Fitzgerald Chamber. As always free pizza after.

    The USA without a doubt has influenced culture in many ways. They have brought us massive celebrities such as Taylor Swift and The Kardashians. They have shown us elections can be a terrifyingly humorous boxing match between two men who somehow are still clinging onto life. However, would we have been better off without the existence of the US? Do we need another instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise or the constant reminder that everyone in the US is related to someone Irish? Are those wacky yanks still lovable in their own way or has the American ego become too obnoxious to stand? #UCDDebate #debate #debatingsociety #debating #ucd#ucdlnh #lnh #lnh169 #ucdsocieties #america#unclesam #usa #Kardashians #fastandfurious #trump#biden #yank