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    Nobel Prize Winner Sir Paul Nurse receives George Sigerson Award

    UCD Biological Society is delighted to announce that on the 20th of February we will be presenting the Nobel Prize winner, Sir Paul Nurse, with the inaugural award from the society, the George Sigerson Award for Inspiring Aspiring Scientists.

    Sir Paul Nurse is one of the world’s leading cell biologists and geneticists. He shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2001 for his ‘discovery of key regulators of the cell cycle’. Despite getting rejected by four universities as an undergraduate, he went on to hold several of the most prestigious posts in science, including: Director General of Cancer Research UK, President of New York’s Rockefeller University and President of the Royal Society, making him Britain’s chief spokesperson on science. He is currently the founding chief executive of the Francis Crick Institute, a brand new biomedical research centre in London, which he envisages as a ‘Cathedral of Science that will push back the boundaries of understanding to help society tackle and deal with human disease’.