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    UCD President’s Award for Excellence in Student Activities 1997

    UCD President’s Awards Recipients 1997

    Gach bliain tugann Dámhachtainí an Uachtaráin aitheantas do na mic léinn sin a bhaineann an scoth amach in imeachtaí seach-churaclaim, imeachtaí a chinntíonn gur áit spleodrach, shuimiúil, dhinimiciúil agus dhaonnúil é UCD le cónaí ann agus le hobair agus staidéar ann chomh maith. Iarrtar ar fhoireann agus ar mhic léinn UCD iarrthóirí a ainmniú le haghaidh na ndámhachtainí sin.

    The President’s Awards each year provide recognition for those students who excel in extracurricular activities of a kind that make UCD an exciting, interesting, dynamic and humane place to live, study and work. Staff and students at UCD are invited to nominate candidates for these awards.


    Emma Curran BSc (1997) is one of those science students who manage to combine their studies with what seems like full-time involvement in such activities as Science Day, the Students’ Union and the Great Race. She is also a stalwart of Dramsoc and played hockey at senior level. She is a very worthy recipient of the Award.

    Sara Gibbings BA (1995) MDevtS (1997) is a postgraduate student in development studies – one of five postgraduate students to be honoured this year. She manages to engage in a wide range of activities from dance to journalism. The activity which brought her to particular attention this year was her work as the director and choreographer of the UCD Fashion Show in the National Concert Hall. This was acknowledged as one of the most entertaining shows in the distinguished history of that event.

    Orla Hayden BSc (1997) is another science student who manages to get involved in everything – in her case Science Day, Freshers’ Day and the Students’ Union. She was particularly involved in the construction of that worthy edifice – the World’s Largest Can Pyramid – last year and thereby raised large sums for charity. She did all this while helping to pay her way through college by working part-time.

    Ian Kavanagh BCL (1996) LLM (1997) – the first male student this year and a postgraduate law student – is particularly noted for his contributions to the Law Society. A distinguished debater, he has also contributed significantly to the University Choir, to the DramSoc, to the European Law Students Association and to college journalism. He has also been the chairperson of the Students’ Union Council. Ian has helped in so many areas that his Award is no surprise to anybody.

    Fiona Kenny may be the first who graduated as a night student to be recognised by a President’s Award. Now an MA student, her work has been particularly useful in the Student’ Union and the Student Club where she was chairperson of the Bar Committee. She has also been the chairperson of the Students’ Union Council.

    Deirdre Meagher BCL (1996) HDipBS (1997) is yet another student who has managed to combine full-time studies with what seems like full-time involvement in extra-curricular activities. This year as a student in the business school, her most time-consuming role has been as secretary of the Students’ Union this year. She has also been involved with the Law Society and with College musical activities. She made a particular contribution to my office when, as a member of the Executive of the Student Forum, she was responsible for steering through an updated set of regulations governing the display of posters in College.

    Maoilíosa Ó Dubhthaigh BAgrSc (1997) is a forestry student who has shown his merits in the sporting arena. President’s Awards re not commonly made for sporting prowess as success in sport normally brings its own merits. Maoiliosa, however, has been largely responsible for the resuscitation of the Cycling Club in College over the past three years and making it one of the top-ranking clubs in the country. Not satisfied with that he has done his best to make the Pool and Snooker Club respectable and has served as a representative of the AUC on the Forum Executive

    Darren O Beirne BE (1995) PhD (1999) is a PhD student in engineering but he is honoured this evening for his contribution to photography in College and particularly to the Photographic Society. His photographic expertise has been an invaluable resource to a wide range of student publications in College bringing a touch of professionalism to their pictures. The work of the Photographic Society under his direction was recognized by their being awarded the Event Of The Year trophy by the Board of Irish College Societies from the photomontage of a day in the life of UCD.

    Rory O Shea BComm (1998) MBS (1999) PhD (2005) is honoured for his signal achievement with the Commerce and Economics Society this year. The C&E is one of the more venerable societies in College with a long list of distinguished auditors. Despite this – some would say because of this – the society has long had a troubled reputation. Rory devoted himself full-time to the job of restoring its image and his efforts were rewarded by seeing the society get the Society Of The Year award. We are happy to add this further recognition of his achievement.

    Gerry Staunton BA (1997) is another one of those students who is always available to help out in a good cause. A BA student, he was described by the person who nominated him for an award as ‘selfless and generous’ and among the areas to which he contributed his time generously were Freshers’ Day and the Students’ Union entertainments activity. This year he was the producer of the Fashion Show, which raised substantial sums for charity.

    Jonathon Thompson BE (1997) is another engineer and another one to be honoured for his sporting contributions – this time to the Boxing Club. He has been picked out not just for his achievements in the ring where he has won titles at all levels within the club, in intervarsity competition and in the British and Irish intervarsity competition. He gas also been an effective organizer of many competitions at all levels and his organizational ability has been a major contributor to the healthy state of this sport in College.

    Alan Torney BA (1997) is our final recipient today and is a suitable one to conclude our ceremony. Another BA student, his contributions to College life range from involvement in the Psychology Society, the One World Society, the Politics Society and the Visual Arts Society, through active involvement in the Students’ Union and USI to major involvement in College journalism. In the latter field he has edited Opinion Magazine for the Politics Society this year and is the forth-coming co-editor of the University Observer for next year.


    Article posted April 21, 2014

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